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What is music?

2008-02-04 04:26:38 by mkron

It is much to late for this....

Music to me is a different language. It is a communication of pure feeling, and soul. It allows us to leave our logical mentality to live for a few moments in pure feeling. It imparts its story upon our minds, its theme upon our hearts. It has the power over our psyche and our sensibilities more so then any drug or cult. It is God's voice. It trails behind it a slime of centrality. Something everyone can follow. It makes me stay up way to late to write any of this.

Maybe a bit to corny, eh?


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2008-02-04 05:56:44

I'm sure to many musicians music is seen as something along those lines. I on the other hand having no musical skill at all only see music as a string of pleasant sounds.

mkron responds:

Always? What happens when you here Korn, for example?


2008-02-04 07:04:36

Korn? There are much stranger musicians than that, John Cage, for example.
Atonality, dissonance, consonance, serialism, impressionism. I think most people see music as consonance, whereas dissonance is equally as musical, but less pleasant on the ears =/

John Cage's song 4"33' is just 4 minutes and 33 seconds of the performer doing nothing but turn pages while sitting on a piano. The point of the song was to get the audience to listen to the sounds they themselves were making, and thus, each performance was different: Chance music. You need to step back to appreciate that kind of art, and most people don't and immediately write it off.

(Updated ) mkron responds:

Exactamundo! I agree completely. Check out my For A Girl Monster Thing. Actually, when you get down to the science of it, all music is dissonant.


2008-07-11 01:59:01

Good poetry. That's my thought on music too.